Voting for Trump

No, not me. I’m not crazy about Hillary but I’m also not crazy.

A friend recently told me a vote for Mr. Trump was in their future. What?! You’re actually considering voting for Donald Trump? The guy who says he’s here to break the wheel of big money involvement in politics even though he is big money? Or says so anyway since we’re just, by the way, supposed to believe him.

The guy who will be the CEO the US needs even though he’s filed for bankruptcy multiple times? The guy who takes political flip-flopping and pivoting to such a level that I truly have no idea what he’ll do if elected? The guy who has a notoriously bad temper and childish reactions to insults? Do you really want that brain controlling our military and leading us into wars with who knows what countries and for what childish reasons?

Can you honestly tell me one thing you are certain he’ll do in office? You can’t say he’ll make America great again. I can’t be certain but Mr. Trump may not realize America includes other countries besides the US. So do you want to make Mexico great again? I’m a little confused.

You can’t just shout talking points with small words so your base can understand what you’re saying. I’m not sure if they’ve noticed, by the way, those lines Mr. Trump shouts time and time again don’t actually say anything. If you can’t tell me one specific thing a President Trump (God help us) will do, how can you possibly support a candidate when you have no idea where he stands?

But the biggest problem with a President Trump (*shivers run down spine*) is the precedence it sets for the United States and the world. If he’s elected, the presidency is officially a popularity contest with no need for substantive communication on any topic. If Mr. Trump is elected (I sometimes scream in my sleep – this is the nightmare) we are telling the world it’s okay to be racist; it’s okay to be sexist; it’s okay to be a bigot and a chauvinist; it’s okay to talk about the size of your pens in a presidential debate; it’s okay to be an asshole looking for attention.

I don’t want to send that message to the world and I certainly don’t want to be around for the repurcussions. I don’t deny that Secretary Clinton would flip flop on issues, but at least you can definitely say where she stands. But those bad messages Secretary Clinton sends are not as serious: it’s okay to be power hungry; it’s okay to be tied to big money; it’s okay to break security protocol; it’s okay to have a political elite. Don’t get me wrong, those are bad messages but if we elect Mr. Trump to the presidency (“it’s the end of the world as we know it…”) the messages we send are contrary to everything we’ve been fighting against for decades and centuries. Why should we regress now?