#Entrepreneurwithoutasuit — Rimi’s story, the story of a gift

3 min readNov 24, 2016


When I met Rimi in the hustle and bustle of a trade show, lining up for a needed dose of caffein, I could immediately feel the peaceful presence and energy of somebody who had found her purpose. Rimi is one of the many entrepreneurs without a suit that I keep meeting in my travels. These individuals who became entrepreneurs because they chose to create their own lifestyle respecting their ethics. Very often though they initiated their career wearing a tight conventional suit.
Rimi was born in the US from Indian parents. She worked hard to make them proud eventually obtaining the prestigious MIT degree after being the expected straight A student. Environmentally minded like many of her generation, she aimed at building sustainable communities which directed her career to real estate development. Due to the challenging economy post 2008 crisis, she joined a mid-size dynamic development company, rapidly becoming a highflying consultant advising large enterprises on the best way to manage and optimize their real estate. Continuing on the successful path of her junior years she became the first female exec of the company, trying hard to mix in the boys’ club not enjoying the drinking and stifled in the tight restraining suit that felt borrowed from somebody else wardrobe. Giving and caring, critical values to Rimi, the yoga teacher, were missing. She was playing the part lacking her true purpose.

Rimi was soon given her chance to get rid of the suit. She had met her to be husband, a native from the Azores. She also inherited from her beloved aunt Minu Vida. Rimi and her husband during their honeymoon in the Azores decided to dramatically change their life. Rimi started a blog describing her search for a property to create a “life experience” for her guests. They would visit as if staying in their wonderful holiday home practicing the activities they love on the stunning island. It would not feel like a hotel, like a club, Rimi and her husband would create a unique experience.
The perfect place to be found would be of course named minuvida after the auntie who made it possible.

Dropping your old suit and building your new lifestyle is rarely easy. The comfort of a six figure job is long gone. Grits, tenacity are must have. You have to fight on all fronts.
It took two years to find the suitable property. Buying on a foreclosure the young couple had to trust pictures to make their purchase. Necessary repairs and extensions were needed. Instead of the promised one month to obtain the construction permit, 6 months passed by.
In her calm voice Rimi admits that at times she did despair.
A business MIT degree always proves useful. With well targeted marketing, a popular blog, an active community the minuvida brand gained momentum.

Rimi, also a very dedicated yoga teacher, shares her knowledge and practice not only with her customers but also with members of the community. She has added yoga retreat next to minuvida.

Rimi with humility and confidence recognizes the series of mistakes, the times of despair when she was close to give up. With this sparkling smile she also describes the future of the estate planning to host executives who need a different kind of seminar, extending the property without compromising its values.
Rimi does not miss the suit. With the shining presence of people who have found their purpose and used the gift they were bestowed, she confides : “I feel I have a louder voice now”




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