How my Twitter got Suspended

Well, I posted this tweet …

The irony, right?

And, then my account got locked. I couldn’t be bothered to even try and unlock it at this point, since it was the second time in a week. I figured I had to share this with you all, in case anyone wondered why I disappeared off Twitter, or notices the new “Account Suspended” message on my page.

Thanks Jack Dorsey. Great work. Go team. *slow clap*

A more extensive post on what happened (the first time, a week earlier), along with some of my thoughts on the subject can be found here:

At this pace, Twitter is kind of doing my work for me, so I wish them much more censo… I mean, “human review processes, and machine learning”. The PR is basically free for me at this point.

“We don’t shadowban nor censor”, they say. Instead, they ‘review’ content and let ‘machine learning’ (basically a bunch of if statements and decision trees) decide what their users are allowed to see. #ThisIsFine

Hope to see you all on Mastodon.