4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

I think generalising 4chan users as basement dwelling underachivin single jung men is like saying third wave feminists are all either fat bad looking women that cant get a man or men that claim to be feminists to have better chances with women. 
Also i think the election of Donald Trump wouldnt have happen if any other democrat than Hillary Clinton was his opponent, with all the scandals she and her husband caused over the years and her beeing in the top ranks of the political system she was the embodyment of the political elite people didnt want to vote for anymore. Barak Obama did a great job at distancing himself from this elite, as a fresh young black man that always had a joke going on he was much less elitist than his rich old white male opponents and it seems beeing distant from the elite is very importan to win elections currently!

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