Is social media making us less social?

Its a story you hear all the time, that using Facebook, Twitter r any social media fort that matter will make you an introvert who never speaks to anyone and lives a fantasy of having friends. The idea of unsocial media has a few points but it really misses alot.

Social media helps connect people who are usually far apart, for example my relationship is long distance during term time because we both go to different universities, it would cost an absolute fortune in phone-calls and texts if it were not for social media allowing us to message each other for free and face-time at no cost, that goes for staying into contact for my family and friends who are at other universities to. Without social media, me and many others like me would lose all contact with family and friends outside of costly phone-bills and huge travel costs.

The rise of social media has helped share ideas and bring people together with similar beliefs. It is easier than ever to find people in your area with the same ideas and beliefs, it is allowing groups to come together to make good and positive impacts on the world. make friends with each-other and learn more about other peoples beliefs.

Using social media won’t make you a basement dweller with no friends, in fact the opposite seems to be true as the people I have seen who use social media most all go out often and have loads of friends, they go out and have fun.

Now time to rant about social media, it is not all rainbow and fun, there is a very dark side to social media, be it seedy criminals grooming vulnerable children, shady side of Facebook harvesting huge amounts of data for ‘advertising’ purposes, the spreading and encouragement of riots and crime, and even the use of Twitter and Facebook to recruit for groups such as ISIS and to live-stream brutal killings.

Social media isn’t the big evil boogyman some make it out to be, it is a tool to connect people, but we do have to be aware when using it to stay safe against people misusing the tool.