Modern architecture vs Classic

Classical architecture vs modernist architecture is a debate that all can have, what is better, what is more practical and what do you prefer. To answer this we must look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, but also consider our personal opinions on the aesthetics.

What costs more?

As Quinlan Terry describes, the initial and maintenance cost will be somewhat higher when choosing a classical design over a modern design, but also points on the lifetime of the building with proper up-keep. He says that a house will cost more than a caravan but in 209 years the house is worth more than the battered old caravan.

With modern design one of the whole aim is to not spend time and resources on ‘fussy’ design, there are modern materials that are much cheaper and and generally need less maintenance. It is no question that modern buildings are cheaper.

What looks better?

This is based on person to person, one my love modern glassy style designs and would come up with a big showcase of buildings that show it off well, while the other may despise them and bring a list of bad glassy buildings and another list with their favourite wavy metal buildings. As I have neither the materials or time to get everyone opinions, I will settle with my own.

To make a long explanation short, I like classical buildings that have a sense of culture and craftsmanship. I feel buildings should have an identity to the history and culture of the land they are on, they should be good neighbours instead of an identity grey tower of glass or concrete. I admire buildings with tall pointed roofs, big pillars and those with statues and decoration, they make the building more than just a corporate shelter but a part of the city and town.

The town of Chester

Do not let that be the whole argument though, I understand the need for evolving design, and taller buildings in cities, this is okay aslong as it is contained and does atleast attempt to nod to the culture and has its identity. Where would New York be if every building was just some bland glass tower or even worse a soviet style concrete tower.

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