Quick Font Tips

Picking the wrong front can turn your amazing design into a clumsy laughingstock.

One of the most important thing you must know as a designer is how to pick appropriate fonts, businesses for example will never use comic sans but will use a smart sans-serif front or occasionally a serif font.

Every font has its place but it is important to know when it is okay to use, smart readable fonts are used in any serious text/design, playful fonts can be used in more local kid orientated events, traditional fonts and serif fonts are used in longer texts and books, some chic modern fonts find comfort in arty designs.

As an excellent modern designer we must understand when it is appropriate to use a font, but also consider the present circumstances, is this font part of this companies brand? Is this font readable? Is it relevant?

Now you have picked a good font, now you must know how to use it, the wonderful secret is that spacing is key, kerning is the word used to describe the space between individual letters, kerming is when you have messed up that spacing. You must know kerning and be one with kerning, otherwise your designs will cause problems.

Like the image above, you must be conscious about your kerning otherwise your message may be easily misread, not make sense or just look really bad. Kerning is what can either make your design and text good and readable or an utter mess that ends up on a Buzzfeed article about the worst font fails ever.

Simple professional common sense is needed to ensure your kerning is good and readable.

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