The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio in an image

Photography is something everyone can do, almost everyone has a phone on them 24/7 where they can take a photo in seconds, however to make a sunning photo that will catch the eye, look good and be remembered, you must be an artist, and art is a science, in the cane of photography a very mathematical science.

The golden ratio is the term used to describe the number 1.61803398875, though this may look like just some random number pulled from the air, it actually has a deep significance in mathematics, art and history. Artists, architects and philosophers have long used this mysterious ratio in their trade as they seem to find this ratio aesthetically pleasing, and they are right as their works have been some of the best in all of human time and many last to this day.

So what does this ratio mean for photographers? As a photographer you should aim to capture the ratio in hour photographs to make it more aesthetically pleasing like the artists of history. The ratio can be represented as a spiral (see below), it is this spiral you need to capture in your pictures to get the golden ratio and make the picture better.

The golden ratio

If you can capture this ratio in your pictures, then you will seriously improve the quality. You should use this spiral by imagining the viewers eye is spiralling along the line, from the big curve going into the detail you want in the smaller part of the curve. Below is an example showing you.

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