Me, BTC & ICOs

By now everyone one familiar with Blockchain technology are either doing an ICO or fed up with the saturation thereof. Before Ethereum and Waves, ICO scams were easy to spot, typically just read the copy and paste whitepapers or the codes or the obvious shady developers. They weren't sophisticated enough to dodge an skeptic eye. I enjoyed various discussions and dissections of the usual scams with fellow peers on forums such as gethashing even before they were gethashing. Currently, I find it difficult to keep up with ICOs and the sites that track them. Nonetheless I haven't learned a thing from the multiple financial losses suffered from scams in the Blockchain world, hence most of my portfolio is consist of current or recent ICOs.

One can argue about the legitimacy of ICOs or whether one is needed for a lemonade stand but the fact remains that we are experiencing a shift in wealth and technological development via the Blockchain. If done right Blockckain can shed some of the negative public opinion it amassed, and there are companies doing just that, namely BlockchainFoundary with Blockmarket, Edgeless, and PowerLedger & Kik to name a few. These companies are providing real world use cases for tokens and will make a dramatic impact on the distributed and shared economy models. Token model will eventually be regulated and become an integral part of the financial and asset distribution system, companies are investing tens of million for a reason, IBM,Microsoft,Overlook…etc, however, the surface is not even scratched. FUD, or FOMO should not be the rationale for your participation in this early stage revolutionary technological groundbreaking movement. To understand the the full spectrum one should dive deep into gaining a basic understanding of how the Blockchain works, i.e China can not ban Bitcoin, no one person, entity, or government can neither singularly nor collectively stop the Blockchain. So the next time that sponsored ICO shows up on your trend line, you have a critical choice to make.

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