New body for the New Year

Sometimes I hear a small, nagging voice telling me to set myself aside and start again, from scratch… a New Me for a New Year, perfect, flawless, spirit, soul, without a body to drag me down, without a mind who never lets me rest.

Many things are written today about controlling the mind, channeling the spirit, leaving the old year behind, setting new goals and New Year resolutions. The body gets a lot of attention but mostly in terms of fast and hard fixes, “60 is the new 30” kind of acting/looking good, “eat a lot and lose weight” kind of diet, “totally guaranteed 30 day or your money back” kind of exercise” etc.… Not that these things don’t work for some people at some times, but if you seek true joy, long-lasting aliveness and sustainable wellbeing, you will not find it there. The body is not an object to be despised, controlled or trimmed into an anime shape of our imagination (no offense anime lovers, we are talking reality check here, not art form).

A lot can be achieved by just starting to look at the body in a different way: friend not enemy, helper not nuisance, container, vessel, rest place for the mind, seat of the soul, temple of the Holy Spirit…

When we stop objectifying the body we stop fighting against our own selves. We put the guns down, assess the damage, recover what’s left, and rebuild what’s lost. We pause, we breathe, we draw the Earth’s energy through the feet and we rest in our own little newfound temple, the body. You don’t have to go far away. You don’t need anything and anybody to make you feel whole. You have yourself. You only need to learn how to find and sustain the sense of wellbeing that only your body can give you.

I learned that the small nagging voice (telling me to set myself aside and start from scratch) never comes alone, but makes my heart sink into a strange state of being, lost, half alive, longing, not in Heaven, not on Earth. That’s how I feel when I wish to be flawless: I lose heart, I leave the house of my body, and I get lost in the impossible landscape of fantasy, where full humanity cannot exist.

I am still learning to keep quiet and to listen to the loving voice of my body calling me back into myself, settling me into my heart, humble and content in my soul. I am not perfect, but I am fully alive and grateful.

My New Year wish for all of you is to appreciate and use everything you have: a useful mind, a faithful body and an almighty spirit. Discover the joy, wellbeing and aliveness that was already given to you. Even if you don’t have control, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE FREE to be whole and alive for the years to come.