Top 10 Hottest Minecraft Skins In 2015

To people, discovering the Minecraft world is an exciting and awesome experience. What could be more wonderful when creating splendid structures by yourself as well as joining in big fights to protect your accomplishment! Have you ever heard about a magical tool that can help you change Minecraft characters’ skins? It’s called Minecraft Skin Creator 2d Minecraft games. Whenever entering, you will be supplied a special pen so that you might do anything or create a new skin for the character in your Minecraft world. Are you ready to find out the top 10 hottest skins? Then do one by yourself. Come with us now!

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Here are 10 best Minecraft skins 2015

  1. Stormtrooper — This skin is created by a crazy Minecraft fan. It’s known as the best soldier of the Galactic Empire in Star Wars. Have you ever watched a series of Star Wars? Remember this character, right? With two decisive colors as white and black, the character is so impressive.
  2. Dwarf Red Beard — Do you know dwarves? They are creatures look like small men who have special powers and often live under the ground. This skin was created by Kyn for 4 years ago.
  3. Ironman — If you are a fan of Marvel comics, it’s certain that you know Iron man — one of the strongest heroes. Look at his wonderful skin — red skin with a yellow face. So cool, right?
  4. Batman — Another hero named Batman was designed and uploaded by Greenlantern2772. You just pick up the pen and then choose the black color to complete his familiar outfit. Don’t forget to cover his head with a black mask, too.
  5. Assassins Creed Altair — The assassins can move in the shadow, avoid discovery and crash when no one expects it. Furthermore, they can leave no witness behind. Of course, nobody knows their real face. That’s why you will not see the exact face of this skin.
  6. Link — This character is known as a naïve and young hero. He is always fighting to save his own world from dangerous evils. His main weapons are shield and sword.
  7. Yeti — One of the hottest Minecraft skins is Yeti. It’s a mysterious inhabitant of snowy mountains, and it was created by a Minecraft veteran. This character always keeps himself and avoids contacting the others. If he is provoked, he will fight.
  8. Disciple of D’Sparil — With an admiration to the classical shooter — Heretic, this special character is known as a turbulent wizard who has succumbed to his craving for power.
  9. Templar of Righteousness — Templars are known a mythic order of knights, devoted to doing something good. They often draw inspirations from their strict moral code that stops them from hurting the innocent.
  10. Ghost Herobine — With all-black skin, this character is described as the mythical Minecraft bogyman — Herobine. In case that you connect it with scary messages and accidental constructs, it will be a cool way to go crazy your friends.

With all the most popular skins here, want to create one, all Minecraft guys? Why don’t you enter Skincraft game and make one? Let’s try and hope you get more fun!

Originally published at on September 21, 2015.

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