Hello 2018

When a start-up is refuses to start up

This would be my first post in my just downloaded Medium app. I had wanted to do this for a very long time, but really, it took me way too long (more than I expected) to articulate the contents I would be publishing.

You see, I love solving problems. Not really throwing money at them, (don’t have much now, anyways, but we are getting there) but sitting down with a problem and staring at the problem while it stares back till it gives me a solution.

Really, it works!

So, my initial thoughts were if I start a blog, it would be to solve problems. Not all kinds o, just the few I have experiences dealing with.

Well, it just did not turn out so, because right now, in this medium post, I am presently seeking solutions!

For real!!!

Just recently got an info concerning the start-up I am involved with, and that particular info just threw everything I thought had been achieved straight out of the window!

So, I need help guys, and fast, too! Follow me as I follow you here, and please read to advise yours sincerely as I narrate the journey to become the No1 in the service they render.

Thanks for stopping by.


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