Dear users, the network snapshot will take place within an hour. The results of the snapshot will determine how many free ET2 coins each of you will get. Immediately after the snapshot we’ll begin the airdrop. To make sure that you get all your ET2 coins, you need to store your ether in a personal wallet (such as MEW) — and NOT on an exchange.

If you keep your ether on an exchange or in a wallet that doesn’t support ET2, you’ll need to transfer your ETH to a MyEtherWallet before the snapshot. Once we’d finished the snapshot, you can send your ether back to the exchange or your original wallet.

Important: Blockchain Wallet doesn’t support ET2, but MEW definitely does.

2Ether Wallet

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Good news: we’ve launched 2Ether wallet! It’s a simple wallet that supports our coin ET2, plus ETH and ERC20 tokens. You can use it to receive your free ET2 during the airdrop, store your ether, and more.

Just a reminder: our network launch is scheduled for December 2. On that day, we’ll take a snapshot of the Ethereum network — our system will automatically calculate how many ET2 coins should be sent to each address. The proportion is 1 to 1. If you have ETH 5, you’ll get 5 ET2 and so forth.

Reminder no.2: if your ether is on…

Only 5 days left until the launch of 2Ether! In just a few days, you’ll be able to get your free ET2 coins. It’s time to go over the main elements of our ecosystem and its advantages. 2Ether is not just a cryptocurrency — it’s a set of tools that will deliver real value to the crypto community.

Our project includes several important parts:

1) ET2 coin. It’s a coin based on Ethereum, and it uses PoW mining. We are not in a great hurry to transfer to PoS, because we think it will take a few years until the…

The big day is drawing near! On December 2, we will launch the 2Ether network. To celebrate, we will conduct a massive airdrop for all Ethereum holders. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how you can get your free ET2 coins.

2Ether airdrop will be very special — on a much larger scale than any other airdrop you’ve seen. We won’t just send our coins to a random selection of users — no, we are ready to distribute ET2 to everyone who holds ether! This is an ambitious plan, but it’s the best way to raise the awareness of our…

If you are following our posts, then you remember that we’ve discussed the disadvantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

As we’ve seen, platforms like Binance are black boxes — and they have control over your money. On the other hand, they are very fast and let you trade any currency pairs, no matter what blockchain each coin is built on. So you can trade ETH for BTC, for example. On a true decentralized exchange, this is very hard to do — yet. This is what’s called interoperability — the ability of different blockchains to talk to each other. Many…

We’ve already covered the issues with centralized exchanges in our last post. We’ve seen that they are vulnerable to hackers, tend to manipulate the market, and can even close down, taking your money with them. But why does everyone use them, then? And do decentralized exchanges have an advantage?

There are several benefits that centralized exchanges can offer. These benefits are so important that over 70% of crypto traders use only such centralized platforms and never even try DEXes.

1) Speed. Let’s stress this again: trading operations on centralized exchanges are not carried out on the blockchain. It all happens…

The ecosystem of 2Ether will include a decentralized exchange, 2EtherEx. How are decentralized exchanges — DEX — different from traditional centralized exchanges? Are they really better? What issues do they face? We’ll tell you all about it a series of posts. This time, we’ll look at centralized exchanges — why they have nothing to do with real decentralization and what risks they pose.

Big exchanges like Coinbase and Huobi allow you to trade in decentralized crypto assets, but they themselves are completely centralized. This is for three reasons:

1) All transactions are processed off-chain and recorded in the exchange’s own…

ASICs are coming to the Ethereum mining industry, and small independent miners are virtually doomed. 2Ether has come up with a solution — the third element in our dynamic block reward system. But before we explain it, we’ll have to talk about Ethereum ASICs.

If you don’t know that much about Ethereum, you might be surprised to learn that ASICs for mining ETH actually exist. Isn’t Ethereum’s algorithm — Ethash — supposed to be ASIC-resistant? If it isn’t then why is everyone still mining using GPUs?

Well, Ethash is indeed much less ASIC-friendly than the algorithm of Bitcoin. It doesn’t…

In our previous post, we described how the base block reward in 2Ether changes gradually with time to control inflation. In this article, we’ll see how miners’ rewards are adjusted depending on the market price.

In a perfect world, price should clearly follow supply and demand. For example, if you reduce the block reward, fewer new coins will enter the market every day, while the demand will remain the same. So the price will go up. There won’t be as many buyers willing to pay the new higher price, and a new equilibrium will be reached.

This is what happens…

We’ve covered lots of ground in our previous few posts. How Ethereum miners earn their rewards, how these rewards changed through the years, what the thirdening and the difficulty bomb mean, and how the recent reward reduction affected small miners — all this is basic information that any Ethereum enthusiast must know. Now we are finally ready to tackle the key issue: how 2Ether will solve the issue of falling rewards and the inefficiencies of the whole reward system.

In 2Ether, block rewards don’t remain fixed for months or years at a time. Instead, they are dynamic — they change…


2Ether is a new Ethereum fork that aims to create an innovative space for IEO launches, decentralized trading, smart contract design, and startup crowdfunding.

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