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“Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet: inaccurate, dehumanizing, plagiarized, and rooted in anti-Semitism”

Inaccurate? Statistics always are.
Dehumanizing? No.
Plagiarized? Yes actually, he took this from a Feminist ad which used M&M’s.
Rooted in anti-Semitism? Oy vey it’s anudda shoah! Try to keep your victim complex out of your posts, because it only leads to you making inane conclusions that disregard logic and reasoning.

It wasn’t a comparison between Syrians and Skittles, it’s called a metaphor.
If anything, your analogy with the fridge was even worse, because you’re comparing the places refugees live in to something that keeps things cold, and by your logic (or lack thereof) this means that the Syrian refugees are cold-blooded and heartless, and are simply waiting to strike. Do you see how this makes no sense? Yes? But only because I said it and not you? Well that’s what I was expecting. If only there were some way you could grow up a second time, maybe then you’d realize that it’s important to use your brain before you speak.

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