We all see those wonderful #vanlife Instagram pictures and, nobody can blame you for wishing that, it really looks amazing, like a dream come true: traveling in a car, living in it, wherever you want, meeting new awesome people and discovering great places.

But, is it all true? Or is it for anyone? Or to be more specific, is it for you?

Here are 12 questions you should ask yourself before getting into vanlife thing. Of course, it’s recommended to find the right answers too ;)

1. Why do you want to go into #vanlife? The purpose.

This is the first question that one should ask himself and ironically, it is ignored by all. You have to have a purpose, bigger than “just for travel”. For us, the purpose was to find more about ourselves in a totally different medium than our home, friends, etc. …

2 months of vanlife experience in all Italy

We knew that we will spend a lot of time in Italy while living and traveling in our van (Shooby) in Europe, but we didn’t expect to give it 2 months, so there must be something that kept us in Italy for so long. Here are the things that we loved or disliked about vanlife in Italy.

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North and West vs South and East

I gotta be honest and say that we liked northern side more than south, and west coast more than east coast. And this is because of the landscape, the people and the natural resources you can find.

Water and food

It was more easy for us to find drinkable water and springs in the north and west than in south and east. We didn’t spend 1 cent on the water in these 2 months. …



Full time couple travelers in a self-converted campervan across Europe. Travel Ghostwriters | Film / Photo makers

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