The KKK isn’t Reading The New York Times Op-Ed Pages
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Ir’s actually more of a question of “tiers” since the farther you get away from “centrist uncaring selfish douchebag corporatist” the less likely one is to read Wall Street pubs in general, unless they’re being specifically singled out and attacked like PewDiePie. LoL what a world we live in that the WSJ gives such a shit about a braying, ranting, youtuber skiddie.
At any rate, I typically see Renegade Tribune and Iron March trading blows with Intercept, and Cowpunchers and FPIF going against Southfront and /pol/. You might be thinking, what are the similarities? Their primary publication’s outlook. Their primary grievance with how the country runs. I’ve even seen your write-up on Hillary deporting those Honduran kids wind up on more than a few conservative sites. (even Breitbart)! The ones most interested in Foreign Policy or Immigration trying to understand the cause of the Immigration flood realising it directly relates to South American overthrows, for instance. Zelaya has become cause Celebré in SouthAm, uniting English Telesur contributors and Peronists for example.
The basic elitist idea of using identity politics to divide people who would overthrow them is falling apart, in other words. Will they ever be friends? Probably not. But you had lots of odd moments as a result of especially choices made by the DNC, like Pence and the Evangelicals hugging it out with Bernouts. Or wayward feminists and Stormfront, of all places.

Hillary is the greatest mistake of America, but also the greatest mistake of the corporate class. People that would NEVER associate with one another have begun to, for the first time since Nixon. Whether they can keep it together to get anything done with these shaky unions only time will tell.