I don’t see how you square the circle of this being a polite request.
Michael Pinnegar

It sounded to me like he was being jokey about it without understanding he wasn’t talking to someone unfamiliar with US corporate world. Like “Hey you know how those guys are, right, nudgenudge” watercooler talk. “Oh, look out, Ted’s got the blue trim on, he’s going on the warpath!”

Like he was talking to someone else from his office, y’know? In fact, c’mon, all his responses after that message should’ve clicked in he’s as ‘foreign’ as me!

Bob didn’t seem to pick up on that and kept being half-jokey making Azer madder. (Since the Register already gamedropped, and this is linked in their comments, I’m only thinking Bob meant it that way because I learned English through gamergate and Merck contract work as well as seeing standard Office Humour works like Dilbert and Office Space. Tone seemed like that, not PA

It sounded like Bob was meaning it in a “I know from experience” way.

He was basically being too casual with a random person.