President Trump is a MASTER communicator and persuader.
ex-Inside Trader

That’s really a better way of showing how ‘out of it’ Romney, like Clinton, is.

There’s a lot of large words the public knows through osmosis, even if it’s used wrongly on something like Star Trek, like molecular degeneration. (in which case you, like Dennis Miller, could use it to feign disgust successfully)

there’s also words they’ll learn for silly ‘party trivia’ reasons like antidisestablishmentarianism (longest general usage non-medical/STEM word) or hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, the fear of long words.” Someone drops one of those and you KNOW they’re effing with you, and you may’ve heard it come up on a TV show.

I took 17th century literature and encountered prevaricator exactly once.

Apparently if I listened to the MSM I would know what it means though, as they used it on Bill O’Reilly a total of 253 times.

Of course, no one ever ATTACHED that word to Bill so shows you how well that works regardless of knowing or not. If only his name had started with P.

It’s usually more about phrasing and delivery. Romney’s was just clunky in general.