Guilty Pleasure Song Recommendations From Everyone Else: Ray Duron Edition

I’ve also decided to let other people chime in with some of their suggestions. This will probably help you better understand some of the characters me and your mom hang around.

The Wonder Years — “I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral”

Although I don’t believe this song will make it on to your music playlist or music playing device (us old people used iPods or vinyl record players, I know that’s weird but that’s a whole different story), I do firmly believe this song is a guilty pleasure of mine. The reason I see it as a guilty pleasure is because no one know how much this song means to me.

I definitely relate to this song and I feel it is my duty as one of your father’s friends to pass this along to you. The reason this song resonates so deeply with me is because of what it means and what it literally says. “I just want to sell out my funeral, I just want to be enough for everyone”. I rarely open up about how I feel and what I think about when I’m alone, but one of my biggest fears is letting people down or not being enough for people.

I know I know by the time you read this you’re probably thinking “Tio Ray is super cool and he’s not scared of anything”, but this is one of the things that scares me more than anything. It’s not exactly the fear of dying, its the fear of no one caring. So for me when I listen to this song I’m usually alone and start to ask myself “are you doing the right things to make your friends and family proud?”.

If you do ever listen to this song, please don’t think “wow he didn’t have any friends” because I have plenty of friends. I want you to hear this song and know that I used this song and many others as motivation for doing the right things and making people proud of me. I want to make them want to be a part of my life.

Now take it from me. I wasn’t a saint and I’m not telling you to be a saint, all I am saying is live a life worth remembering, make your friends and family proud, and try your best to do the right things.

Your father knows this as well as anyone, music is a great outlet for sorting through your emotions. He has helped me find some of my favorite artists. I’m sure if you ask him nicely, he would love to show you some music.

P.S. ask your dad about his motorcycle dance. lol (that means laugh out loud)


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