Klever — Build your Brand’s Project and Communities through Actionable NFTs

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has been the talk of the town in today’s crypto sphere. According to CoinMarketCap, the total sales volume of NFT is $7.96 billion, and this colossal number makes us comprehend how successfully NFTs are being adopted worldwide. Undoubtedly, NFTs are taking the world by storm, and its growth has been immense in recent years. In the list of promising and committed NFT projects, Klever is a one-of-a-kind project that incorporates cutting-edge technologies to have a unique identity in the NFT space. This blog exclusively describes soup to nuts about Klever and how it differs from the existing projects. Let’s dive deep!

Introducing Klever:

Klever is a modern-day marketplace that features actionable NFTs. Klever reinvigorates the perks with blockchain technology to leverage the concept of NFTs. It is a place where the community can figure out novel experiences on a daily basis and can engage themselves with the projects that seize their attention.

Lian Pham, CEO at Klever, Inc. asserts, “We collaborate with brands, startups, and other businesses to make their NFT useful to consumers in unique and incredible ways. We are all set to lead the future of commerce by providing immutable ownership rights.”

Also, Klever bestows a perfect blend of NFTs and AR. This amalgamation gives consumers a brand-new experience where they can immerse, play, and purchase future brand’s products directly from this augmented reality experience. “We strongly believe that merging NFTs with future releases of consumer products will be a great step forward,” adds Lian.

Actionable NFT — An Overview:

The world of NFTs is burgeoning, and it has successfully penetrated into diverse sectors from arts, entertainment to real estate and logistics. In this line, Klever concentrates on actionable NFTs and takes the benefits to a whole new level. These are the kinds of NFTs which provide the buyers with excellent utilities. These exhilarating perks will significantly assist in building the brand’s projects and communities. It offers perks, hunts, games, and exciting rewards to both the physical and metaverse world.

How does it work?

Klever makes the NFTs useful to brand’s consumers in unique ways. Catch a glimpse of how it works.

● Create NFTs that have utility or usefulness

● Redeemable rewards or membership NFTs

● Create NFT experiences through games, hunts, and augmented reality

The recent opening of “Railway Heights Market,“ based in Houston, Texas, announces launching their new NFTs on Klever’s marketplace where foodies can enjoy AR Food Hunts with unique perks. Klever makes NFTs actionable by providing multifarious utilities to the collector of this NFT. These utilities may include free beer for lifetime or discounts on the bill, etc. It may also provide redeemable rewards or membership access as NFTs. And this does not end here. Klever incorporates augmented reality, games, and treasure hunts to leverage the concepts of NFTs and offer remarkable experiences to their consumers.

The Bottom Line:

Thus Klever provides a magnificent opportunity to the brands, startups, or other businesses through blockchain technology to reach great heights. The utilities, perks, games, hunts, and AR gives the platform an upper hand and facilitates us to create actionable NFTs.

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