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Altered photo of a hand poised over a keyboard in bold primary colors.

Have you noticed how many things you can do right now?

I know that the broad narrative is about all the things you cannot or should not do, but if you’re at all clicked into the little microworlds of different disciplines on social media…there are so many different learning opportunities…

What happens when you try to point out ageism

A six-panel comic response to something that really wasn’t funny.

The following spilled out after attending a CE class this morning. If you’d like to learn more about ageism and why this got me so fired up, I recommend checking out Ashton Applewhite’s work.

Writing exercise from the Expressive Therapies Summit 2019

I am turning toward balance and ease that is sure-footed and nimble. Not just tuning, but rather shifting from foot to foot, toes feeling the texture beneath water on my board. Cold winter bay water. This new bravery, the bravery that has me raising my hand and saying “yes” before…

What I saw, heard, and & experienced on my first day in Alcalá de Henares

I arrived in Alcalá de Henares very early this morning, and after dropping off my bag, I headed out with my camera and sketchbook. My first goal was finding coffee…and I had a lovely Americano sitting on a quiet street.

A partial view of the installation and interactive areas at SOMArts for the Dementia Inclusive Communities Celebration on 6/12/2019

Yesterday I had the incredible pleasure of attending & helping out at my colleague Sadie Harmon’s end-of-year celebration of a year of piloting dementia-inclusive arts programming through Erasing Boundaries.

The entire day was beautiful, but my favorite parts were:

  • Meeting someone who had been doing creative practices with older adults…

How to be creative in a hotel room

I have been traveling more than not over the past few months — some of this travel has been for fun, some for professional reasons, and some for personal and professional development. I’ve been attending conferences, exploring a new country, and connecting with colleagues.

Erin Partridge

PhD, artist, registered & board-certified art therapist, professor, http://www.wingstoflystudio.com

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