A set of basic principles for leaders, managers & entrepreneurs

Every single entrepreneur is at a different stage, with a set of particular conditions that apply to their singular persona. It’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to address the specificities of their journey. Same goes for a leader or a manager.

However, I have observed that some of the best entrepreneurs we back, those who maximise their odds of success regardless the challenges ahead of their ventures, share a set of common deductive principles.

  1. Mastering with discipline
  2. Lasting with consistency
  3. Learning clear thinking & writing
  4. Writing to structure, convey & discuss
  5. Getting people to join with honesty
  6. Surrounding ourselves with the best persons
  7. Killing regressions
  8. Shortening the feedback loops
  9. Running is the new walking
  10. Non linear reading

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Thanks for the ride, Medium. Good to meet you Substack :)

Over the past few months, I have wondered if it made sense for me to move away from Medium to try another platform. The main reasons behind this consideration were the following:

  • I wanted a better filtering systems for the 197 posts I had written so far;
  • I wished I could better engaged with the community of readers;
  • I didn’t feel like Medium had some of their writer’s best interests at heart.

For some time I considered using Ghost or Wordpress, but I wasn’t so delighted just thinking about the configuration of a template & some plugins… Then I saw the emergence of Substack, intrigued. …


Jean de La Rochebrochard

In search for brilliant heartful minds to empower | http://about.me/jeandlr

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