A set of basic principles for leaders, managers & entrepreneurs

Every single entrepreneur is at a different stage, with a set of particular conditions that apply to their singular persona. It’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to address the specificities of their journey. Same goes for a leader or a manager.

However, I have observed that some of the best entrepreneurs we back, those who maximise their odds of success regardless the challenges ahead of their ventures, share a set of common deductive principles.

  1. Mastering with discipline
  2. Lasting with consistency
  3. Learning clear thinking & writing
  4. Writing to structure, convey & discuss
  5. Getting people to join with honesty
  6. Surrounding ourselves with the best persons
  7. Killing regressions
  8. Shortening the feedback loops
  9. Running is the new walking
  10. Non linear reading

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Over the past few months, I have wondered if it made sense for me to move away from Medium to try another platform. The main reasons behind this consideration were the following:

  • I wanted a better filtering systems for the 197 posts I had written so far;
  • I wished I could better engaged with the community of readers;
  • I didn’t feel like Medium had some of their writer’s best interests at heart.

For some time I considered using Ghost or Wordpress, but I wasn’t so delighted just thinking about the configuration of a template & some plugins… Then I saw…


Venture capitalists back entrepreneurs who work hard to build meaningful organisations. They contemplate them execute on a single mission, support each one of them in their own way by leveraging as much as possible what they know, observe, and learn from their comfortable position of having many chips in different pots.

Don’t mind me saying that I have the best job in the world, especially with a single investor, Xavier Niel, who enjoys taking risk, has the means to undertake them, and more importantly in my position, trust the people he works with. …

To Hospitality & Beyond

Impala just announced its $11M Series A round led by Stride and Xavier Niel, with the participation of Insight Partners Co-Founder Jerry Murdock, as well as Tom Stafford and the partners of DST Global 💸

I am thrilled to join the company’s journey alongside those amazing people 🤗

How Impala got our attention 😎

Venture capital is a search for outliers, it’s a walk through a chain of events (among them meeting with entrepreneurs, digging into the unknown, learning from people, drawing lessons from mistakes) that ultimately unfolds into the discovery of unexpected yet perfect matches between incredible opportunities and stellar teams.

While Ben articulated a…

My browser is opened with only one tab, the notifications are off both on my computer and my phone. There is a cup of coffee on my left and my Bose noise-masking sleepbuds are on with a boardwalk sound.

I’m in the zone.
To write.

I know that this piece will take me approximately two to three hours to write, more or less, or at least that’s the time I will dedicate to it. It’s 8.47am.

Focus, on automatic

Whenever you are on an intense streak, practicing sport like climbing or karting for instance, not only concentration is required, but it naturally comes…

People ^ Venture ^ Capital

Over the past few years, I have come to realize the inherent logic and intuition behind our decisions to back entrepreneurs who have revealed, over time, to be phenomenal founders and company builders.

When I joined Kima Ventures in September 2015, it was becoming clear that our mandate to support the rise of French entrepreneurship was taking on its full meaning.

Honestly, I don’t think we could have predicted such acceleration in the maturity of the market. The quality of French founders, both from an execution excellence prism and a growth velocity perspective, is phenomenal, the amount of capital raised and deployed towards them has grown tremendously, and the ambition to build beautifully giant companies is finally catching up to realize self-fulfilling prophecies in the making.

When we backed Zen.ly back in November…

Kima Ventures has the largest portfolio of French companies in the world. We’ve had the opportunity to observe over the past few years the incredible rise of the following phenomenons:

  • There are more and more French entrepreneurs, with either remarkable learning curves and/or past valuable experiences, making them more talented and ambitious than ever.
  • This growing environment foster excellence and velocity on top of talent and ambition. It’s creating compounded effects that make us believe that we are just at the beginning of a remarkable ride for French startups.
  • As a consequence, more and more foreign investors are interested in…

Most of the founders we back have to go through the pain of handling a roadshow. And they know that a fundraising process can’t last forever. It’s bad for creating and managing momentum, maximising the output, and more importantly for the business.

Therefore, entrepreneurs must concentrate meetings, gather interests and commitments, but also update their prospective investors as things progress.

Even though investors who commit are not supposed to get cold feet by the time you close, you can’t perfectly rely on human rationality, , it’s your responsibility as well to keep people updated about your business and the fundraising…

Jean de La Rochebrochard

In search for brilliant heartful minds to empower | http://about.me/jeandlr

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