The Startup Pitch Deck Template

Version 0.5

Entrepreneur, here is the template of a pitch deck for startups looking to raise seed/series A rounds:

Change in Version 0.5 > 12/26/2013

> Typo/Spelling clean-up

Change in Version 0.4 > 11/18/2013
> Link added to the slide “Advisors”, great post from Fred Wilson
> Typo/Spelling clean-up

Change in Version 0.3 > 11/15/2013
> Slide “Goals” put right before “Fundraising”
> Bottom notes for the rest of the template

Change in Version 0.2 > 11/14/2013
> Slide “Advisors” added
> Due to repetition, slide “Technology / Secret Sauce” deleted
> Bottom notes for the parts “Story” and “Product”

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