Forth Write

Little details. The world is filled with little details that we are unaware of, which, without our realization make a huge difference. We, students of MEP (Media studies, Economics and Political science) from Christ University understand this and made new media our “Medium” to reach out to the world.

We understand this, what we are trying to achieve here is to bring you closer to those little details of life that we often fail to see. From details that are as simple as a small book store which was started with passion for reading to details which are as important as emotions of transgenders in the society to how does that cup of a coffee makes a difference. We want to bring small details of this big world to you without any reluctance and shrewdness.

Here we explore and question these little details to make sense of the world, just like a kid who would see something new and question everything that he or she feels. This exploration has not only made us realize the importance of small details but also has helped us find these little stories and bring them to light.

Forth write which was initially an idea in paper became a blog only after hours of discussing, debating and throwing stones at each other. Forth-write, which is a silly word play of “forthright” was chosen as the name for our blog only because we truly believed in ingenuousness and frank behaviour. This ingenuousness and frank attitude can clearly be seen in our writings and photographs. We did not limit ourselves by writing every piece with our preconceived knowledge, but also met people, interviewed them, debated over their preconceived notions, and in this process we learnt to speak, listen and outreach.

This blog will contain articles written by the first year students of the programme BA - MEP, (2016). The writers went around interviewing members of the society and contributed to this assignment. The first set of posts will be on various topics such as Transgender community, Obscure little book stores and Hashtags that flood the social media in the name of Bangalore. The process of collecting 50 stories and editing them to make the final cut was not easy. We could see where we lacked in experience and how we could better ourselves.

One of the first few articles in based on the importance of sanitary pads and how heavy taxation on this product has negative effects. When we are ready to subsidise condoms, why not sanitary pads which is a necessity for women. Another important article that is very dear to us is on one of our writer’s visit to WARDS. An article that brings close the stories of mentally disabled children and how their life is changing day by day due to care and support.

This attempt though might have begun as an assignment for Media Studies to gain marks, nevertheless became a part of our everyday thinking. Just Like Zig Ziglar once said “ You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”. This is our start. This will be the beginning of our quest to find greatness, in this big and small world of ours.

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