Hashtags and Taglines in Namma Bengaluru



10AM — Spring

12PM — Rainfall

2PM — Scorching Summer

7PM — Indian Winter!

As a natural fallout, the quality of life in Bangalore has changed drastically. Whether it’s the congestion of roads, the irregular water supply (leave alone the quality of water), unprecedented shrinkage of water bodies, greater socio-economic divide, Namma Bengaluru has seen it all! But none of this is holding back our Bangaloreans from setting to what is known as an earnest attempt to qualify and quantify some of the ‘Hashtag Trends’ which is very much trending in this mega city of Bengaluru.

A decade ago this hyper city was developing at a rapid rate which has resulted in its transformation from ‘Namma Bangalore’ to ‘Namma Bengaluru’. This transformation witnessed a change in employment, migration, lifestyle, etc. Today each of these changes have become a trend, each with a hashtag of its own. Amidst the busy lifestyle that Bangloreans have, they have been forced to adjust to one thing-to make it a point to hashtag a trend that is born in every nook and corner of the city, every time an event or a gathering of people takes place, despite their highly packed schedule.

Scene at #BangaloreLiteratureFestival. Photo credits: Mehak Siddhu.

For instance, Bengaluru being a metropolitan city, it is a common sight to see people of all ages from different states, who speak different languages come together over food. Food, as always, is an integral part of socialisation and Bengaluru knows its importance. With time, Bangalore was not only famous for its broad streets (with traffic jams), green parks (with limited trees), and a dynamic climate (which is highly unlikely now), but also for its rising cafe culture. Today in this lovely city, there are numerous hotels ranging from roadside stalls to five star hotels. “But more than branded hotels it’s the cafes that have become the new hangout destination for Bangaloreans”, says Mr.Karthik Medappa, a resident of Bengaluru who works as a freelance writer for the ‘Outlook’ magazine. Places like Koramangala, Indiranagar, Rajajinagar, BTM Layout, HSR, etc. are where you witness this cafe culture rising every day of the year. And we, the people who call Bangalore our home, cannot let this slide unless and until its #hashtag-ed. Be it ‘Om Made Cafe’, ’Kobe’ ,’Boca Grand’, ‘DYU’, all of them take credit for this trend which is currently called ‘#cafeculture’ (@bengaluru).

However, this trend of hashtag-ing doesn’t stop with just food. It continues with “#clothing, #shopping, #coffee, #studying, #sleeping and all the possible #-ing”, says Naina Moolchandani, a college going student residing in Bengaluru. This trend however varies from a person’s interests to hobbies to their age. For example, according to Rounak Sardesai, a hashtag-er himself, he says that, “hashtags such as #incredibleindia, #indianphotography, #traveldiaries, etc. can generally be associated to a travel freak” with reference to himself. But hashtags such as “#aesthetics, #motivation, #nature, etc. are associated with those who have a typically calm and peaceful mentality”, says Mrs.Deepa Shashidhar, a home-maker who indulges herself in yoga and meditation through social media platforms. Now these hashtags such as #back_again, #relaxit, #great_weather, etc. signify a particular interest or hobby, there are those hashtags that need not necessarily have to be connected to a particular liking. It can be based on anything random like, #beautiful, #sky, #mall, #click, #felling, or even “#nothing”, says Rohan Bhatt, a fifth grader, with a very active social media interest.

Be it #blah or #candid, we at #bangloreans never forget to make even the tiniest of happenings ‘#big’. Now this is because ‘#we’ are ‘#big’. And #nammabengaluru is where it’s kept #classy. We love our city more than any place in the #world. No matter where you go, the #nostalgia that your city can give you, could move you to #tears. Be it the dazzling #nightlights, the complete #rip-off shopping, or even the #fun, #exciting people of #bengaluru, something about it is #unique, just for #you!

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