Not everyone knows this yet, but I got laid off in May.

It wasn’t completely unexpected—I was working at a pretty early stage startup (which is always risky), and with 20m people suddenly out of work, some of the core assumptions about that business changed.

There were no hard feelings, the founders were super apologetic and respectful, and I still do some consulting work for them on the side, so we’re all good there. This isn’t a tell-all or takedown piece (sorry to disappoint).

However it did mark the 3rd time I had been fired out of 7 jobs (and…

I’m about to commit some blasphemy.

Traditional 👏 marketers 👏 don’t 👏 need 👏 any 👏 more 👏 excuses 👏 to 👏 hate 👏 digital 👏 marketing 👏.

They’d love to go back to the golden age of advertising.

As much as I like the concept of three martini lunches, there’s no going back — armed with a credit card and good idea, you can reach an audience of 2.1 billion people (!) across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

I’ve ridden this wave with my career, spending over $40m on digital marketing in the 7 years since I launched my…

Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook ads on Nov. 6th 2007, and 4 years later I launched my first Facebook ad as a junior marketer at travel deals company Travelzoo.

I don’t have a screenshot but it would have looked like this:

An example facebook ad showing a £149 holiday deal and a beach in the Algarve, Portugal.
An example facebook ad showing a £149 holiday deal and a beach in the Algarve, Portugal.
Yes this is actually a real deal—I still use Travelzoo to this day!

I had about 18 months’ experience as a marketer at that point, working on Google ads for companies like Carphone Warehouse (owned by Best Buy), La Redoute and Capital One.

I had quit my job at Efficient Frontier to go client-side at Travelzoo, specifically for the opportunity to branch out from Google, so I was pretty excited to put this ad…

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You may not think of yourself as a master negotiator, but everybody can make use of negotiation skills–even the best negotiators can improve.

At Ladder, we spend a great deal of our day negotiating: pitching strategy, agreeing on target metrics, briefing designers, etc. All of these tasks involve negotiation skills.

Whether you’re a local small business owner or an executive at a large enterprise company, your job centers around collaborating with a diverse cast of people from different disciplines, companies, and backgrounds to achieve your goals.

It is only…

We’re going deep on tracking and analytics setup, SEO, paid advertising, CRM, landing page optimization, virality and even branding. This is what you should expect your marketing lead to deliver.

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Too many times I get asked how to write a marketing plan. And as the founder of a marketing agency, I know all too well how badly things go without one. But most people have no idea how to write a marketing plan. Worse, when you Google “Marketing Plan” you end up with a list of crappy theoretical, non-actionable templates, that won’t get you anywhere.

Because showing is better than telling, I decided to put together my own style of actionable marketing plan that I can point people to as an example. To make things interesting, I chose a real…

Being an Englishman in New York, every time a British friend is hitting up NYC, I get asked for recommendations. I got tired of sharing this one at a time, and I realized more people could benefit — so here it is:


  • If you come in to JFK, cheapest option (and fastest in rush hour) is getting the subway. Take the Airtrain to Jamaica station, then take the E.
  • Weekly Subway Metrocards (~$30) are great if you’ll be using it more than 10 times. Select ‘Add Time’ instead of ‘Add Value’ when buying.
  • Use Uber Pool or Lyft Line…

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You know how important A/B testing is — you’ve read all the case studies about millions of dollars made and maybe had shocking results of your own. You even sleep with a copy of Lean Startup under your pillow. But testing takes a lot of time and money — are you sure that you’re setting your tests up in a way that maximizes learning given your limited resources?

I came up with the below tricks as a quick and dirty way to solve exactly this problem for our clients…

You’re busy, I get it. You want to take something off your plate, and why not? Rather than waste your own valuable time, you could make it someone else’s problem for pennies on the dollar. There are thousands of freelancers, agencies and vendors around the globe who will fight to the death to win and retain your business.

So you scan down your to-do list. Payroll, Invoicing, Sales… Marketing— that’s the one! You didn’t study it, you don’t understand it and you aren’t even really keen to learn it. It’s… fuzzy. Not like the tasks you have a solid playbook…

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In 10 years, Marketing will cease to exist.

Bear with me…

Why does marketing exist in the first place? To fill an information gap. Good marketing helps fill that gap and match products to the people that want them.

Technically people have been ‘marketing’ ever since a caveman scrawled stick figures on a wall. Marketing as a profession only really came into existence relatively recently, with the advent of mass media (Newspapers, Radio, TV). Suddenly you could craft a message and blast it out to the entire nation (or World). Companies with enough…

Being English, every time an American friend is hitting up London, I get asked for recommendations. I got tired of sharing this one at a time, and I realized more people could benefit — so here it is:


  • Taxis are REALLY expensive — would recommend getting the Heathrow Express train or just taking the Tube (Piccadilly Line from Heathrow)
  • Get an Oyster card and top it up with a weekly pass — will save you a tonne of money on traveling around and the Tube (subway) is the quickest means of transport (small streets so the traffic often makes…

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