6 Ways to Stay Relevant in Social Media

I am always asked about staying relevant in social media: “How can one do it after years of so much constant change in the online space?” they say. I simply tell folks that it is not easy, but that it does require consistent work, and a commitment to being a life long learner. So, I created this World Communication Forum infographic to explain my main points.


Sean Gardner is a board member and V.P. of Social Media with the World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He is also a global keynote speaker, business creative and digital producer who lives in the Seattle area. He currently conducts workshops and social media training for small business, nonprofits, celebrities and multinational corporations. You can Link, Instagram, Tweet, Friend, Pin and circle him on Google Plus.

Also…you can purchase Sean’s international best-seller, The Road to Social Media Success, which the Huffington Post praised and recommended to marketers in 2015. It has some of his interviews with longtime industry experts, and has some of his own observations on a range of topics.

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