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My photo in front of the Genghis Khan statue in Sukhbaatar Square

I always present my experience with Mongolia to anyone who still dismisses social media as an effective way to build, expand and enrich your professional network. Early in the last decade, a marketer named Саруулхан Лео — one of the first people in Mongolia to join Facebook — followed me on some of my digital channels, and, I immediately followed him back.

It was great being connected to someone from Mongolia, a country I always wanted to visit. We kept in touch, communicating a few times. So when he and the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce offered to bring me to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital, I jumped at the opportunity. They invited me to keynote the Internet Marketing Conference, one of Mongolia’s premier events. Indeed, Porter Gale’s popular phrase “your network is your net-worth” applies here: it is about the people who bring substance and resourcefulness to your digital real estate, and, clearly, Саруулхан Лео had been doing that for me, year after year. …

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My photo of the Bosphorus Bridge

When you venture through the streets of Istanbul, you can see why it was named a European Capital of Culture in 2010 by the European Union. The architecture is primarily Byzantine and Ottoman, but you will also find Roman and Genoese structures as well. Blended in are the modern buildings that complement their surroundings and tell a story of their own.

With a population of almost 15 million, it is the largest city in Europe, and the world’s best-known example of a transcontinental city. …

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My photo of the Batu Caves, with the world’s tallest statue of Muragan, a Hindu deity

Visiting Malaysia was like a dream. One step off the plane, and you notice that the air is thick with humidity and heat — something you would expect in an equatorial country. Moving through Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I noticed a stunning blend of advertisements that showcased traditions with products from multinational brands. But before I exited, I saw a rain forest. Yes. In the airport. Amaaaaaaazing. Colorful, lush, and brilliantly cared for. It felt like walking into my mom’s old collection of National Geographic magazines from the 70s and 80s.

As I moved deeper into Kuala Lumpur, I was wowed by its panoramic view of minarets and contemporary buildings touching the sky. Overall, the city’s dynamic architecture is a blend of old colonial designs, Malay Islamic influences, Asian styles, and the combination of modern and post modern looks. The Petronis Towers leave an indelible mark on the city’s invigorating skyline, and are the worlds tallest twin towers. Their design — by architect Cesar Pelli — was inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam. …


World Traveler, Executive Board Member @FreeNPTech; Global Keynote Speaker, #GivingTuesday Ambassador; producing a film with Hollywood actor @RashaGoel.

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