Startups are not an easy thing to plan and implement. You may come up with an incredible idea of how to solve a problem but have no clue about its practical implementation. You may find a successful business model, and yet a visual aspect of it may be blurred. Or you may gather a lot of possibly-working pieces in your head and be puzzled over what would actually fly.

All it comes to one thing — there are missing parts in your insight, and it’s absolutely OK! You cannot be a true professional in all fields and aspects of life…

Can you imagine such a scenario: it’s mid-21st century, the whole planet is suffering from the dust storms and the shortage of food as a result of crop blights which are a major threat to humanity’s survival. Taking into account current environmental issues, such a plot could easily become a reality for our children. Therefore, if you don’t want the future generations to be the main characters of the movie Interstellar (2014) — the actions need to be done today!

“We — the current generation — have the responsibility to make the world better for future generations.” — Priscilla Chan.

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend everyday checking your social and working accounts? I bet a lot. To be more accurate, it’s over 2 hours a day!

As a solution to stop wasting your time and boost your productivity — the SaaS software emerged to our workplaces. New trends in SaaS development allow you to use functional and high performing apps which saves tons of your time.

One such example is Station. This web browser of the future was specifically designed for efficient work. One single and elegant app to rule your other web applications. Based in…

Recently the world is focusing on software-as-a-service solutions as an option for many businesses to step back from the traditional installations. If you are wondering how hard it is to enter the market with a new SaaS product, let’s see the brief market analysis.

Working with over 25 SaaS startups, we structured our knowledge and practice within this article. The findings will make your business grow.

What is SaaS?

The SaaS industry has been growing viral as the demand for SaaS applications, SaaS products, and the SaaS platform is gaining acceptance in small, medium and large enterprises worldwide.

Software-as-a-Service application is a cloud-based…

Being physically fit is a necessary element of your mental health and overall wellness. Nevertheless, we are living in an age where the pressure of working and personal to-do lists put aside the time for gym sessions or any fitness activity on that matter. We tend to substitute physical activity with more important things like staying late at work to finish some tasks, or catching on the time with family or rushing through to meet a long time no-see friends during the weekends.

At the same time, the global mHealth market value is growing each year. It’s expected to reach…

Digital healthcare solutions are booming right now. Nowadays, healthcare and technology are coming together to improve your health and wellness condition, identify the first signs of chronic diseases and assist with the necessary doctor’s appointments.

Did you know that 59 percent of the people have a mobile health app while over 65 percent of the digital health tool users address their applications at least once per day. The statistics vividly show that global healthcare is on the verge of change and ready to battle current healthcare issues.

It’s fair to say that among all the healthcare industry trends the leading…

What is the digitization of education? It’s a changing pattern of possibilities within teaching and learning. Digital learning frames the new reality of delivering high-quality and effective digital education. EdTech develops a variety of products and services which include everything from learning games to tutoring platforms.

The market analysis suggests that the EdTech market share would reach $40.9 billion by 2022. The reason for such vivid growth is the symbiosis of modern technologies with the best practices in education. Such an approach creates new trends in educational practices that no one could avoid in contemporary society.

Moreover, EdTech involves the…

Education technology solutions have become one of the hottest topics of discussion among parents and educators around the world. Nowadays students are thriving to get new knowledge while using modern educational technology tools and top trends in digital education technology.

The education technology industry is focusing on solving different challenges in education. For example, EdTech allows you to obtain skills in non-traditional and creative spheres — like a car designer. In that case, the digital classroom contains all the necessary multimedia tools for effective digital learning. …

Sometimes it might be not that easy to come up with the perfect decision. In such cases, you wish to have assistance, someone who will give you a small hint or a piece of advice. If you relate to what has been said — then a new opinion poll app Rewala is what you need.

2muchcoffee team is glad to present our newly launched app Rewala which solves any inquiries regarding the decision-making process.

Table of contents:

  • Background
  • A brief introduction to Observable’s world
  • What are the advanced options to unsubscribe?
  • Why have I come to a custom solution?
  • My custom @DestroySubscribers() decorator
  • Conclusion


Why Observables might be dangerous for your application? What are the options to reduce the risks? As you may have already guessed I’m going to talk about the “unsubscribe()” and I’ll be honored to present you my custom solution that is saving my lifetime and might save yours.

Introduction to Observable’s world

One of the first concepts of Angular is Functional Reactive Programming via Observables. Angular extensively use Observables through RxJS library that introduces an implementation of…


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