DC representatives are responsible to ensure that the federal government treats everyone equally…
Bob O'Hara

I do agree with you that DC representatives are responsible for making sure the federal government treats everyone equally. We’ll skip past the whole wages/benefits thing for the politicians because we’re obviously not going to ever agree on that.

You lost me on the whole “my state signed up for it” and it shouldn’t leach off other states and I should move if I don’t like my neighbors. Didn’t understand any of that. I never implied my state should leach and I surely would not be in favor of that. If my state is run by a governor bought out by very powerful people who influence policy, that’s the way it is. I surely don’t expect another state to bail us out. The point I was trying to make regarding the government leaving it up to individual states regarding insurance goes back to your original comment about DC representatives’ responsibility to treat everyone equally. If the government would decide that everyone is entitled to healthcare, then everyone should have access to it. Leaving it up to individual states would not promote equality among all citizens. That’s all I was trying to say.

I totally agee with you that should the government approve of healthcare for all it should definitely be single payer.

I don’t understand the recent popular line of reasoning of not wanting to pay for others. It’s how our whole system is set up. The government subsidizes (with our tax dollars) the meat and dairy industry to keep prices low so people can afford to eat meat and dairy even though not everyone can or does. Our tax dollars pay for schools and give families tax breaks for having kids even though we don’t all have kids. The auto industry is subsidized so we can all afford to drive regardless if you own a car. The government subsidizes our prison system giving people who have broken the law access to healthcare. If inmates are entitled to healthcare, why not law abiding citizens?

Regardless, this is how the system works. Everyone pays for everyone else in some way shape or form easing the burden for everyone. To the best of my knowlege, none of the things listed above are constitutional rights. And it doesn’t matter. It’s a system that offers people the chance at a decent life.

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