Practice in public
Jonas Ellison

Other than a few writing classes in high school, I’ve never written professionally, but took the leap two and half years ago and began writing a weekly bowling column for our newspaper. While familiar with the subject matter, I knew absolutely nothing about what it takes to come up with something to write about week in and week out, meeting a weekly deadline, having my work under the scrutiny of an editor and the challenge of having a word limit. The most worrisome part was wondering what my fellow bowlers would think of what I put out every week.

But this has turned out to be an incredible learning experience. My writing has gotten better, the word limit has pushed me to become very good at editing my work, I now do interviews in person instead of by phone, take pictures, and while I’m still hit and miss at headlines, I do score around half.

Are all my columns great? No. But the reward has been awesome. It has increased my awareness and helped me want to be better. I may not be moving any mountains like Jonas here, but my little weekly column has helped me tremendously as a writier and a person.

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