Is the Global Gag Rule Truly Pro-Life?
Doctors Without Borders

Thank you for this awesome post and for the great work you do! I think being a midwife is such a noble and much needed profession.

Everytime I read something about abortion, I am always astounded at the hate governments and men (yes, and some women, too) have for women.

I don’t understand how having absolutely no compassion or understanding for young girls and women, especially those who are raped, does anything to solve the problem of an unwanted pregnancy.

Personal beliefs, not facts, dictate abortion is murder. But what do you call no prenatal or maternity care? What do you call no assistance for the mother or baby once the child is born?

Abortion is only a choice. It is not a mandate. And it’s not something that’s going to be right for all women.

It’s sad knowing that people believe a young girl or woman who has gone through the trauma and terror of rape should then forced to bear the responsibility of that horrible and violent act — with no assistance afterwards. And this is better than abortion? And this is what you would put your own daughter, wife, sister or significant other through? Someone you supposedly love?

If “pro-lifers” were truly for life, it would include life outside the womb as well as the life of the mother. Perhaps those so vehemtly against abortion and a woman’s right to choose should take on the responsibility of these children once they’re born.