Bahar Ansari and Alex Pelevin, co-founders of the revolutionary legal case management system, are now taking their talents to the client side of the business. The entrepreneurial duo has launched the first-ever virtual law firm, By using Artificial Intelligence technology, they’re able to provide legal services for their clients at a steeply discounted price — up to 75% lower than the rates and fees that traditional firms offer.

One poignant example of this game-changing pricing model is seen in’s pricing for those requiring an O-1 Visa, which is commonly utilized by professionals in education, medicine, and the entertainment industry. UpCounsel, a popular online marketplace for legal services, advertises the price of retaining a lawyer to prepare an O-1 Visa as aver $5,000.’s fee? A flat rate of $1,499, saving clients over 70%.

But it’s not just pricing that ensures 2nd.lawwill transform the legal services market. By utilizing robot lawyers, the human lawyers of 2nd.laware able to spend more time working to get their clients what they need. “We don’t just utilize robots because it’s easier — we also do it so that we human lawyers can spend our time prioritizing you and your needs over the reams of necessary paperwork,” Ansari says.

Peter Kutis, a successful entrepreneur and satisfied 2nd.lawclient, speaks highly of this top-rate customer service that comes with the unbeatable pricing: “I have used the services of on 3 different occasions so far, and I look forward to retaining their services again in near future,” says Kutis. “I have worked with various attorneys over the years, including top international law firms, and I truly appreciate the excellent service provided by through their simple and streamlined process.”

Because the firm is cloud-based, clients can access their case files, see updated information, and ask questions any time of day or night.

This efficiency enables 2nd.lawto provide the highest-quality legal services for their clients from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost. But while certainly an exciting way to harness technology, the philosophy of 2nd.lawis about much more than just efficiency — the firm was designed to give the decision-making power back to the individual in legal matters. As co-founder Pelevin puts it, “We created 2nd.lawbecause we believe in equality for all. In most countries, it takes a law degree to understand complex laws and regulations — and those laws often limit or control your rights. Most people can’t understand the law fully, and greedy lawyers line their pockets ‘helping’ clients do so.”

Co-founder Ansari, an active immigration lawyer, has prioritized Immigration services at The firm currently offers legal services for clients hoping to receive over 20 different types of U.S. visa, and has already helped many immigrants qualify for work in the United States. also offers legal services in employment law, family law, estate planning, business law, and personal injury law as well — and expansion plans are in the works.