Uber for Satisfaction

Scott Santens
Nov 10, 2014 · 5 min read

The Basic Plan

Behold the power of roofies.
Note: GI/CYB solves for the criminally asexual. Identifying and fixing them is one of the advantages covered in this plan.
  1. “None of the Above” does not exist as an option.

The What Abouts

That criminally asexual woman who just wants to live without sex?

Some final discussion

The basic problem with America today is that everyone should be having sex but everyone isn’t. We have determined we OWE one another sexual gratification for being an American.


Sex feels good. Everyone should have sex. Look around you at all the people not having sex. Is that morally acceptable? Of course not. The Bible itself says “Be fruitful and multiply.” Just as God told us about idle hands, he also told us about idle nads. So here’s the deal.

Because that would be like giving people an unconditional basic income.

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