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Chris Deerin


BBC World at One. I work in the City of London. Friday afternoon was blind panic after this. Not because nobody knew, but because the cat was out of the bag and the door! Monday will be interesting. Today we are preparing.

Odd how the 15Bn hole is rolled out — forgive me on oil, its a rather stupid counter to independence — its there now, and will pay out over time hugely. It classified as a stupendous asset. Can you deny this?

15Bn vs 1.7Tn ? Thats 100x less, for a 9% of the population on a stronger economy. The upside is that you ‘take back control’ with independence and stop making the mistakes that Osbourne made.

I know you are a ‘Brit’ at heart, but can you tell me (one of the 1%) why so many use food-banks, clothes-banks, et al — in a state that is supposedly the words 6th richest. While the 1% get it all?

The biggest elephant in the room is The City — our main income stream. Let me predict (I read the FT!) that there will be 60k job losses by May next year. It will be a leak until EU negotiations have finished , but if its a bad deal, then we will have to go ‘Singapore’ — Lloyds our partner is moving staff already. Others have moved. The EU is the richest continent. Doh!

Oh, and there theres the EU. Scotland needs it, England does too but thats their choice. Trade will carry on, Englands deal with the EU will be Scotlands when in the EU. Doh!

Finally — the pound. Listen to the above. A reset and major re-evaluation is underway. Its not nice in a nation driven by imports. Investment is tanking.

Give me one good reason — why Scotland cannot go it alone? Or come with me, and create a better place.

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