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Quick books is a most common accounting software throughout the world.


Because Quick Books is easy to use + it has all the unique features which you need in daily accounting + you can customise your reports + you can sync PayPal or any credit card. This helps you to have less manual entries. User or organisation ends up having less stress with paper work plus it saves lot amount of hours, finally it’s a win situation for both user and organisation.

So basically it will keep you updated with your daily expenses, and easy to have profit and loss statement.

Quick Books has many apps recommended for your business like

Tax planner pro: Income tax preparation and tax strategies

American express: that sends your business card transaction to your quick books

Sync with PayPal: Import your PayPal sales transaction and more info into quick books online.

Restaurant ops : this app is for restaurant business, you can connect with quick books

Fundbox: That will allow you to pay your outstanding invoices instantly.

And many more

The software comes with many varieties and price varies as well, so chose your quick books software wisely and before purchasing it, find out which quick books is best for your business.

The types of quick books software are as follows

Quick books online: its browser based software, in order to use it, a user have to open internet explorer or any browser and then enter user name and password. It’s very cheap software but have fewer features comparing other quick books desktop software.

Online version allow user to access accounting anywhere around the world because it’s a internet based software and online version has to be renewed every year

Quick books pro: its desktop based software; it can have more than one user account and best thing about, that pro comes with ease of use. Pro gives pleasure to user because a user doesn’t have to connect with internet in order to use software. This software cost around $219 for 1 user. Once a user buying pro, it’s good for 3 years. After 3 years pro stop taking automatic updates and it ask for renewal.

This software is very good for small and medium size business.

A user can add payroll software with quick books pro in order to process employee salary.

Quick books premier: Now again premier version is a desktop version as well but the only difference is that it comes with better features comparing online and pro. A user can easily customise reports and invoices the way they want.

The cost for this premier software is around $400 and this is good for 3 years after buying, after 3 years it will still work but won’t take automatic updates from quick books. This software is pretty easy to use plus a user can add more user accounts on software.

A user can easily add a basic or enhanced version for payroll to process employee wages.

Quick Books Enterprise: Enterprise is very advance software; it is widely used by big companies mainly in USA and Canada. It is in top list of accounting world because it has unbelievable amount of features which makes accounting very easy for big organisation.

1 user enterprise licence cost around $1000 but when a user adding more than 1 user licence, in that case discount is available.

Normally enterprise software comes with free support from quick books.

Feeling while using quick books enterprise

Features of quick books enterprise

It has automated reports in single user mode

It has advance inventory process plus very simple to use

It has security and productivity tools

Enterprise has improved multi user experience

It has a smart search feature and Enterprise reminds user of undeposited funds.

Quick books Point of sale: Point of sale is the best ever software design for retail business

That’s how quick books POS looks like

POS really made retail business so easy, now with help of this software it’s so easy to track what to order and what’s already available in stock.

The POS software cost around $1500 and the hardware like scanner, tills, card reader and printer has to be bought separately from quick books. It’s very powerful software and come with support.

Features of Quick books POS

Track sales by product and department.

Run reports to see what’s selling well and what’s not.

Accept credit, debit and gift cards.

Ship and manage packages using shipping manager.

Set inventories reorder alerts to prevent sales.

Track serial numbers, multiple vendors and multiple ups codes per item.

Track customer purchases and contact information.

Use customer loyalty programs, gift cards and coupons

Transfer summary sales and expense data to quick books financial.

Manage up to 20 checkouts lane in one store.

Track employee hours, commission and tips.

Design your own receipts, tags and labels.

Quicken : It’s a very small and affordable software to manage and track household day to day expenses

A user can enter daily expenses to this software so that you can track where and how much money you spending in a month or a year.

Quick books payroll: it’s very powerful software to process payroll or in other words this software helps to process salaries or wages. An employer can use it either for weekly salary or monthly, it can be used for part time employees as well it also can calculate taxes. For online quick books the payroll is web based.

Three types of payroll available with quick books

Basic Payroll: It’s a very small version of payroll only suits the small companies with maximum 2 or 3 employees. The basic payroll doesn’t calculate the employee’s taxes. The cost for basic payroll is around $240. Plus there is $2 fee applicable every employee every month.

Enhanced Payroll: It’s the most recommended payroll by quick books. This version can be used for unlimited employees to process salary. It will calculate all the employee’s taxes, plus there is no extra fees attached with that. The cost for enhanced payroll is $520 a year. The service has to renew every year.

Assisted payroll: Payroll Assisted is a payroll management service that handles payroll taxes and filings for you, while you easily pay employees within Quick Books. Before your first payday, you enter hourly pay rates and salaries for employees, which you can update at any time.

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