Today was an event filled day in the boot camp. We started off some brief exercises and exchange of imaginary gifts. The next in line was Food For Thought(FFT) which was on the topic “How to make sure your code works”. My fellow boot campers were really insightful in that regard as I learnt a lot in addition to what I read after which the lovely Miss Bukola summarized the FFT for us with a detailed explanation.

In summary, she said we have the following tests:

  • Unit Test: Testing each module
  • Integration Test: Testing different units combined
  • Functional Test: More like automating the manual tests that can be done manually by the developer or user.

After that I learnt about Test Driven Development and Behavioural Driven Development. We went to some sites to see how unit test works, did some more codecademy exercises and were finally introduced to to Andelabs where we wrote some code.

Things are getting busier here in Andela Boot camp XV and more interesting and the food is great as usual *grinning*.

Gotta get home before Lagos traffic frustrates me on the way *rushes out of the building by 7pm*.

My Affair continues.

Ps: Anyone that says my new girlfriend(programming) doesn’t ever frustrate one is a liar. But that’s the fun part or it though, because she makes me keep coming back for more.