(A Flourishing Affair)

Day 4 of Andela Bootcamp XV started of with a very interesting game I would love to describe briefly.

Its called “ZOOM, SCHWARTZ and PROFIGLIANO(Dunno if i spelt that last word right). Its a game that tests your awareness, reaction, quick thinking and sharp mouth(lol). Everyone forms a circle and the first person starts with any of the keywords. ZOOM means move to the next person in the circle depending on the direction the first person chooses, SCHWARTZ means reverse the direction and PROFIGLIANO means skip a person. Any one who speaks when he/she is not supposed to or who doesn’t speak when supposed to is eliminated. It continues till the last person standing

After that Miss Yetty and Miss Bukky did some revision with us on loops, if/else statements while Hashes, Classes and Objects were discussed and explained in detail. After that we did some labs in Andelabs and studied “Ruby Koans”(Ruby Koans contains Ruby unit tests) to learn the basics of debugging unit tests through logical thinking.

As the Bootcamp progresses I and my girlfriend keep falling in love with each other as Miss Bukky and my fellow bootcampers keep showing me new ways to please her.

Of to the bathroom; Meanwhile, I want you to