After a crazy Saturday of coding all through, Stanley pinged me on slack on Sunday morning asking “Did you get the mail?”. What mail I screamed! “I never see any”. I replied. I later found out that the content of the mail that was sent was a regret. Had mixed feelings if you know what I mean, but its still inevitable.

Getting to class today, we had thinned down to 10 per class. We didn’t even do my favourite activity (Soft skills exercises). I have to remind Bukky tomorrow.

Things went on as usual, Our assignments were corrected and modified. We learnt Binary search, did a lab, got stuck and brother Sunday Guru bailed us out with one crazy nested if statement (Jah bless you bro). Further assignments were given and then PROJECTS were assigned.

Everyone was cheering each other when the projects were assigned but when the enormity of the task at hand began to sink in due to the short time we have to finish and submit, Everywhere calmed down and guys got to work. I must commend Bukky and Yetty for their detailed explanation of the project(I should ask her for Ice-cream tomorrow, she’s so generous)

Well after that it was all research till we were chased out of the building by Big Bros. Lol. By the way, my project is to create a Twitter Sentimental Console App with Ruby and JSON(Google it out if you don’t know, no time to explain). Got some research to do. As for my how I and my babe are doing, I aint telling y’all anything today.

See y’all tomorrow. Make I keep phone for pocket before Motor kwack me.