Day 8 of the bootcamp just ended. In the bus right now going home thinking about how the day went. It was pretty uneventful though am glad I got a lot of work done on my project.

Since nothing much happened today, I ll use this medium to talk about some of my fellow Bootcampers and classify them according to the 4 temperaments by Tim Lahaye (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic). Please these are my views o, they might be wrong.

First is my Buddy Emjay, an Electronics and Electrical Engineering graduate with a very sharp brain, nice attitude, and sharp wits. I ll say he’s majorly Phlegmatic with a bit of Choleric(Not sure on the Choleric part)Next is Moyosore the tomboyish jovial babe(Definitely Sanguine and Choleric). Next is Baba Tijesunimi. Smart,Lively, Smallish guy Always willing to help no matter what.(Sanguine definitely with some Melancholic traits). We have Uncle Sunday Guru the boss of our class. He is just good. Overreading and experience dey worry am.His temperament hasn’t been deciphered yet but am guessing Mel is his major.

We have the lovely Ose. Pretty, smart fair four eyed lady(Majorly Mel). We have Sheyiiiiiiiii!!!!!. Smart four eyed dude with a weird looking Afro hair style(Choleric dude no doubt). There’s Tomy who I think is bipolar at times, very lively and smart(A SanMel I would say).

Habib is kinda quiet but he talks at times, always looks serious and errmmm…..I have nothing more(I ll say he is either Melancholic or Phlegmatic). Finally there’s Stanley whom I don’t really know where to place because I haven’t really studied him.

You guys will be wondering why I am saying they are all smart. Well the truth is that we are all intelligent. And for those who haven’t read about the four temperaments, you can google each of them up or get Tim Lahaye’s Book on Spirit Controlled Temperament or Why you act the way You Do.

Gotta run now. Project things. CIAO!!!!