Growing wings

it gets ugly before it gets beautiful

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Some time ago I wrote that change is painful. A major change beckoned, with repercussions not only for me, but for my family and others. I’m still here, but it’s getting hotter in this frying pan. Is it hot enough to jump out yet?

When the pain of remaining the same is more than the pain of change, then we move on.

This feeling I have of being funnelled into a corner, all the exits closing, may be wrong. Maybe if I turned around I would see that the open door is in front of me. I’m afraid though. I know what to expect here. I can’t see past the door unless I walk through. And there’s no turning back.

When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.

Someone I admire hugely has just taken an unexpected left turn in his life. He knows that his true North lies somewhere off his current trajectory, despite what others might say. Just because one direction appears successful, doesn’t mean another might not be the soul’s calling. He could be my inspiration, without my realising it.

All change meets resistance.

I fear that there is a precipice behind me, and I must push back against the force that shoves me towards it, inch by hard-fought inch. Perhaps these blockages I have experienced for so long in life are designed to redirect my energy. I should stop beating my fists against brick walls and wasting my strength.

Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Life is the mother bird nudging me towards the edge of the nest, the absolute brink of what is known and familiar. This is the place where terrifying magic happens and I can be born again, fresh and new. The phoenix must be consumed by flame before she soars towards the heavens. She must trust her own strength, that she can walk through cleansing fire and emerge stronger.

Take a deep breath.

It isn’t simple to change. But in my heart, the answer is clear.

Leap, and grow wings on the way down.

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