I should smile

a poem


You’re warm, I know that much.
A hood snug over your ears, fur framing your face.
I taught you how to stitch the skins,
Keep howling winds at bay.
Trudging through snow, we leave the forest behind us.

Remember those dark and desperate nights
Red eyes, hot breath, razor teeth stalking
Fleeing in hope of safety.
But we escaped, we found the path again
Walked on together.

Remember those mornings
Dew wet grass and the world silent.
Huffing out a clouded breath, and standing
Empty-bellied, clear-eyed and wondering
At the new dawn.

Remember those drowsy golden days
Nectar drunk bees around your head.
Cast down amid ripeness
And laughing at clouds drifting by
A happiness, a moment.

And I remember those purple nights
Star jewelled sky, bright planets and the moon above.
We lay and watched the universe turn. 
No three dog nights for us
When we had each other.

You’ve learned, I know that much.
A bag of tools, a store of knowledge
A piece of my heart, yet here our story ends.
Is this love’s prize, to stand at this divergence
Tear blind, recalling all our journeys?

I should let you go
I should seek new paths
I should remember and forget
I should smile

First published at 2squarewriting.com

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