To say yes to creativity you will need to say No to something else
Are you too busy to be creative?
Cali Bird

No is the smallest word and yet the hardest. For me, it is hard to sit in front of the laptop after a long, tiring work day. But I want to write, so I gave up 80% of the TV I was mindlessly zoning out in front of.

The other thing that helps me are teeny tiny goals, as suggested by Shaunta Grimes. I experimented with writing daily for NaNoWriMo and failed. Twice. Then I took on Shaunta’s idea, and set myself a tiny goal of 150 words a day. That’s so small, yet doable. When I am able, I write more. And a minimum of 1050 words in a week is far better than none.

Like you say, creating is a series of tiny steps. But if we put them together in a single direction, we can go far.

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