It’s only through examining our personal stories that we can set forth to live a more fulfilling life in the present and future.
9 Things I Regret Not Doing In My 20’s
Ravi Raman

So much truth in this piece. I’m far from my twenties now, but it resonated with me. I wanted to share 3 regrets: 1 avoided, 1 addressed, and 1 awaiting action.

I loved to travel, then we had children. After some unfulfilling beach holidays, for me at least, I resolved to take them with me. People said they were too young, it was too difficult, blah blah blah. They proved resilient and fascinated by trips to Jordan, Iceland, Australia and more. Don’t wait till retirement, because who knows what lies ahead? Avoided.

I was told as a young teenager that I should concentrate on science, and forget about studying art. Huge regret for me. Two years ago, I took the plunge and took classes in watercolour as a complete beginner. I loved it, and finally put my finger up at that teacher who said I couldn’t do both. Addressed.

And learning another language remains, among other things, awaiting action. But it will happen, because it’s truly never too late. Time passes anyway; we may as well be intentional about how we spend it.