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What does excellence look like at our school!

Our teacher asked us to reflect on our books, our projects, basically everything we do in school and decide if it was excellent or close to being excellent. Our first question was what is excellence? Is excellence the same in every school?

We decided to first of all establish what an excellent learner looked like and came up with the following:

1. Contributing even if you think you might be wrong

2. Able to work independently

3. Able to listen to teachers and peers

4. Respectful to teachers and to peers

5. Gives their best and never gives up

6. Respects other people’s opinions and choices

7. Knows when to be quiet and acts maturely

8. Completes tasks without complaining

9. Is enthusiastic and tries new things

10. Is able to give and accept positive criticism

11. Manages their time to complete homework without rushing

12. Is prepared to redraft and redo work to make it the best it can be

We’ve decided excellent teaching is…

1. The teacher cares about you and wants you to do well because you matter to them.

2. The teacher is fair and consistent and doesn’t jump to conclusions

3. The teacher is enthusiastic and loves their subject

4. The teacher has time for you and will help you

5. The teacher marks your work and gives you good advice

6. The teacher plans lots of variety into the lesson so it doesn’t get dull

7. The teacher sets homework that has a point to it

8. The teacher takes the time to get to know you well and understands if things are difficult

9. The teacher explains things in different ways so that you can understand and they don’t get cross when you find something difficult

The teacher lets you know what you need to do in order to achieve

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