Now Stepping Up to the Plate: Career Free Agency

“The office is closing this spring.”

Six words that send chills down anyone’s spine — sending your mind racing, dizzyingly trying to find traction amid a sea of questions. In a matter of moments, I jumped through the Kübler-Ross model like Michael Phelps cuts through the water during a 200-meter butterfly. If you need help with that reference: fast…real fast. At the end of the day, literally, it hit me: there’s a silver lining here.

I’m a career free agent.

I’m free to find my ‘next big thing.’ Free to find an opportunity that brings my skills and expertise to my next endeavor. Free to find a partner to team up with to create — or enhance — already innovative concepts and ideas. Free to bolster my next employer’s team of all-stars. Free to bring my passion and skills in all things marketing to my next adventure, because the best is yet to come. Free…to do what I want.

I’m writing this with the hopes it finds its way to someone who is looking for someone to join their team: a team player who can tell a story with a few turns of phrases with a touch of creativity. Or someone who can lead, learn, and work with a team of social media managers, whip up RFPs, create strategies for B2B or B2C clients, and can speak to the successes — and failures — of campaigns. Or someone who can develop content plans and provide direction for your brand. Or maybe it’s someone with a background in delivering actionable insights as it relates to the evolution of media and its associated platforms with a visionary prism. Diverse, I know — but it’s all true and together, we can accomplish great things.



TL;DR — For your convenience, I can be found here and here. Should you know of an opportunity where I might be a fit, please share. There might be candy in it for you.

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