Is Your Company at Risk of Being Disrupted?

What are the tell tale signs that your company is at risk of being disrupted and losing market share for good? Here is some food for thought from the “disrupter mindset” point of view:

  • Do you consider the CEO as Chief Executive Officer, or as Chief Entrepreneur Officer? Chief Executive Officers execute the status quo. Chief Entrepreneur Officers innovate and stay ahead of the game.
  • Do you see your CIO as a Chief Information Officer, or as a Chief Innovation Officer? Again, innovators innovate. The role of the CIO is no longer running the IT department. Instead, the CIO’s responsibility is to make technology be the competitive advantage and part of the core business model.
  • Do you feel empowered to innovate? When was the last time your idea has become a product?
Companies with a disrupter mindset understand the power of human capital that exists in their employees. They don’t consider them employees at all actually, they too consider them innovators.
  • Does your company have the 80/20 rule like Google? 80% on your task for your position, 20% for innovation. If so, the disrupter mindset is clearly being implemented.

Companies that lack the disrupter mindset tend to use big words like agility and innovation. They lack the DNA to live up to these big words, and they don’t utilize their biggest asset — their employees and their human capital — to the fullest like Silicon Valley companies do.

They wonder why they keep on losing market share while other innovative startups begin their pattern of disrupting and never look back. Being innovative is a necessity, it’s not purely window dressing anymore. How can we make this paradigm shift materialize? It’s simple. Rethink and re-imagine your organization with the fundamentals of a startup mindset. It starts at the top.