Architectural History and Theory: Orientations 1A

The technique that I used in this project is a contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light.

Through this technique, the key words are contemporary building and shadows and light.

It means that the photograph should show us the modern building and the difference between the night and morning to describe the shadows and light.

I used TWA Terminal portfolio to the reference image which is taken by Ezra Stoller.

I took those two photos with iPhone.

The reason I choose this technique is to see the difference between the shadow and light.

In this pictures, we can see the building elements such as roof, external wall, and window.

However, we cannot see the shadow and light.

In this pictures, we can see an expressive massing because of the shadows and light.


Stoller, Ezra, TWA Terminal, viewed 3 April 2017,


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