Architectural History and Theory: Orientations 2A

The technique that I used in this project is a drawing of the city as a collection of architectural eccentricities.

I used ‘Atelier Bow Wow: Made in Tokyo’to a reference image.

Atelier Bow Wow is a Tokyo-based architecture firm, founded in 1992 by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kajima. The firm is well known for its domestic and cultural architecture.

Figure 1: Atelier Bow Wow: Made in Tokyo

In this reference image, I can see the domestic and cultural architecture in Tokyo.

I took and chose some photos around UTS to show the domestic and cultural architecture in Sydney.

Figure 2: Pictures for my project

Those buildings are located in near UTS. I allocated those pictures to order in Google Maps. The top of two buildings are located in north and the below ones are located in south.

I drew it based on the pictures that I chose, and added some roads to show the domestic and cultural architecture in Sydney.


Atelier Bow Wow, Made in Tokyo (Tokyo: Kajima Institute Publishing Co., 2001) and Pet Architecture (Tokyo: Warudo Foto Puresu, Heisei 13, 2001)

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