300cubits announces Shipper Sign-Up Scheme for the Global Container Shipping Industry

HONG KONG, January 22, 2018 — ETH Smart Contract Tech Limited and its related group companies (“300cubits”) today announce its Shipper Sign-Up Scheme, which invites all freight forwarders, beneficial cargo owners, non-vessel owning operators and third-party logistics providers to register at here as from February 1, 2018 to receive their TEU tokens. TEU tokens have been custom designed as digital shipping booking deposits, using smart contract blockchain technology, to solve the No Show and Rolling problems plaguing the container shipping industry.

Zero purchase cost: TEU tokens will be distributed at zero cost to shipping industry participants.

Zero system integration cost: Usage of TEU tokens requires zero system integration effort. No need to write code, install software, re-architect systems, etc. 300cubits provides a cloud-based, easy-to-use, secure TEU Ecosystem to manage and transact TEU tokens as booking deposit.

Zero transaction cost: TEU Eco system transaction costs will be calculated and payable in the very TEU tokens that shippers received for free. Hence, zero transaction cost.

First come first serve: All successful registrants are guaranteed a minimum quantity of tokens, which may be higher than their market-share allocation. 20mn TEU Tokens will be provided on first come first serve basis.

Registration starts February 1, 2018. Further terms and conditions can be found at here.

Similar scheme will be applied for the container liners except the registration will done offline and on one-on-one basis with 300cubits.

Please contact info@300cubits.tech with any questions.

Join Telegram support group: https://t.me/joinchat/F_3VmA5EsDjJfiXv-Exweg

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